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Congregation Emanuel of the Hudson Valley

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A welcoming and giving reform congregation committed to social justice, on-going learning, vibrant spirituality, diversity and the State of Israel
Yom Rishon, 4 Tishri 5778


Tree of Life

Tree of Life

A series of beautiful paintings hung prominently in our lobby and Social Hall.  Each painting is centered by a tree covered in leaves and flowers, with dedications covering generations.  Celebrate and honor your family's milestones with a leaf or flower.

$180 - Flower

$72 - Gold Leaf

$36 - Green Leaf

Dedications made on the Tree of Life are organized by the Temple Emanuel Sisterhood.

The office will send a certificate to the honored individual(s) announcing the dedication from the donor.  Dedications for leaves should be no more than 1 line, or about 30 characters, usually names & dates.  Dedications for flowers can be longer.  Please be sure to include your dedication with your check.

Please make your check payable to Temple Emanuel Sisterhood, & mail to:

Attention: Tree of Life

Temple Emanuel

243 Albany Avenue

Kingston, NY 12401