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Yom Rishon, 4 Tishri 5778



Mark your calendars, make your reservations & share Passover with your Temple community, family & friends!

Sisterhood's Annual Women's Seder:  Temple Emanuel's Sisterhood invites you to their Annual WOMEN'S SEDER, free & open to women of all ages. Usually held one to 2 weeks before Passover begins, an opportunity for inspiration for your family Passover and a chance to connect with your Sisterhood.  Bring a friend and a dish to share for our pot-luck vegetarian/dairy dinner without "chametz" (bread products). Reservations not needed, but appreciated, please leave a message on the Sisterhood voicemail at 845-338-4271 ext 131.

Passover Wanderings: A popular annual Religious School program, this is a hands-on amazing learning experience preparing your child to learn the Haggadah.  Stay tuned to your notices from Religious School for more details.

First Night of Seder Appeal: Every year we receive calls and emails inquiring if there are any 1st Night Seders open to having an extra guest or two from our greater community.  If you & your family would be willing to open your first night seder to an extra guest, please contact the main office.

Festival Morning Service: As our community has grown and developed, we welcome this new stage where we observe a morning minyan on all of our pilgrimage holidays. Make Passover meaningful and feel connected to your congregation.  Take some time during the busy Passover week to join your community at Temple for a moving service from 10am to 11:30am on the morning of the first day of Passover.

Second Night Seder: Join us for the traditional festive meal lead by Rabbi Romer.  Each year, we offer something a little bit different. Experience our seder, our traditions, our congregation.  Bring your family and friends and join our community catered meal, no dishes & no cleaning!   Reservations open in early 2017.

Passover voice mail 845-338-4271x101.

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Click here for the Second Night Seder Reservation form

In keeping with the tradition of Passover, our community wishes to make this celebration possible for everyone.  When making your reservation, please know additional contributions are appreciated and will be directed to individuals who would otherwise not be able to join us. Also, if you find the cost prohibitive, please contact Rabbi Yael Romer.  

Yizkor Service: Join our minyan on the first Friday after our Second Night Seder to recite Yizkor and remember your past loved ones, held 30 minutes prior to our regularly scheduled Kabbalat Shabbat Service.