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Theophilus North - Thorton Wilder

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DÁTUM: 2004
MÉRET: 7,85
ISBN: 9789633466001
SZERZŐ: Thorton Wilder


Theophilus North leírása A mi kis városunk, a Szent Lajos király hídja és sok más híres regény és dráma szerzője utolsó művében egy nagy terveket dédelgető fiatalember, Theophilus North egy nyarának eseményeit meséli el - 1926-ban, az amerikai Newport városkában. Theophilus - barátai számára Teddie - megélhetését teniszedzői, felolvasói és magántanári tevékenysége biztosítja, s eközben megismerkedik Newport "kilenc városával", a társadalom különböző rétegeivel, s az emberek különböző ügyes-bajos dolgaival. Egyszerű óradíjas edzőből és magántanárból valóságos kuruzslóvá, testi-lelki bajok orvoslójává fejlődik - nem a maga akaratából, csak éppen így hozza a sors. És mire kinek-kinek megoldotta legkülönbözőbb gondját-baját, felkerekedik, és mint holmi modern varázsló, egy rozoga autón hipp-hopp távozik érdekes élményeinek, kudarcainak és sikereinek színhelyéről...

...n THEOPHILUS NORTH, six actors, all People's Light company members, play 19 characters ... Theophilus North | novel by Wilder | Britannica ... . The actor who plays Theophilus is John Wernke, a guest artist, and is the only one who maintains one character throughout the play. In the play, Theophilus enters the quirky community of Newport, Rhode Island. Theophilus North The last of Wilder's works published during his lifetime, this novel is part autobiographical and part the imagined adventure of his twin brother who died at birth. Setting out to see the world in the summer of 1926, Theophilus North gets as far as ... Theophilus North | Concord Theatricals ... . Setting out to see the world in the summer of 1926, Theophilus North gets as far as Newport, Rhode Island, before his car breaks down. Home; Shop; Hours; Freeman/Guggino Registry; Stewart/Bateman Registry; Our Staff; Contact Theophilus North is a 1973 autobiographical novel, the last novel written by Thornton Wilder. In 1988 it was adapted for the film Mr. North . An autobiographical novel is a form of novel using autofiction techniques, or the merging of autobiographical and fictive elements. Brevard, North Carolina 186 contributions 22 helpful votes. Best Store Hands Down in Brevard. As a new resident to Brevard I was thrilled to find Theophilus downtown. 3 years later it continues to be my favorite shop in our adorable little downtown. Easy to get to and right on the main street Theophilus never disappoints me. Régikönyvek, Thornton Wilder - Theophilus North - A mi kis városunk, a Szent Lajos király hídja és sok más híres regény és dráma szerzője utolsó művében egy nagy terveket dédelgető fiatalember, The... Narrated by the elderly North from a distance of fifty years, Theophilus North is a fascinating commentary on youth and education from the vantage point of age, and deftly displays Wilder's trademark wit juxtaposed with his lively and timeless ruminations on what really matters about life, love, and work at the end of the day—even after a ... Theophilus North does it by instructing the would-be groom to talk nonstop about sports during a long drive. The young man goes along, because he is horrified to have just learned that his ... Theophilus North, published in 1973, was the last major work of Thornton Wilder (a number of one-act plays have been published posthumously). He said himself, "Not bad at seventy-five, wot?" The book is not autobiographical, although the character of Theophilus shares many similarities with Wilder. Directed by Danny Huston. With Anthony Edwards, Robert Mitchum, Lauren Bacall, Harry Dean Stanton. Mr. North, a stranger to a small, but wealthy, Rhode Island town, quickly has rumors started about him that he has the power to heal people's ailments. The rumors are magnified by his tendency to collect negative charges and give shocks to anyone he touches. "Theophilus North" is a delight. I had read it the first time in 1974 when it was first published, and I loved it then. It is even better 45 years later! SUMMARY In the spring of 1926 Theophilus North, 29 years old, leaves his job at a New Jersey preparatory school and moves to Newport, Rhode Island, where his tutoring jobs, and other activities [many related to his ability as a problem solver], expose him to "…the nine cities of Newport…" which coordinate, nicely, with his "nine ambitions"....